Our story

Our Story & Raison d'être

That's Matty, the guy who runs Bleubird,
in his happy place.

Bleubird was born in the French Alps in 2016. After spending most of his early 20's working winters in the French Alps and spending summers travelling by bicycle or campervan, searching for waves, Matty started Bleubird, from his bedroom, whilst working as a ski tech in La Rosière, France.

It started off with Matty teaching himself to screen print, making his own equipment in the boot room, and starting to print the Original Bleubird Triangle logo onto white t-shirts. The 'Rear Tag' quickly followed; this was an additional personalisation option which seasonaires could chose to have their ski resort printed on the back side of the tee. It was popular!
It's no lie that Bleubird Apparel started to take over Matty's life in the Alps. He still continued his duties in his real job, but focus had shifted. By the end of the season, the word about Bleubird and the custom Rear Tags had spread around the Tarentaise Valley and beyond. The product range grew to offer 'longline' hoodies & crews in various colour options. By the end of the season, it was clear that we were on to something. So the campervan (Betty Blue) was packed and 2 month surf trip across to the west coast began... and so did the planning of Bleubird's future.
So, after a lot of miles and a lot of waves, there was a plan, but there was a downside. To run Bleubird in the best possible way, Matty had to commit to moving back home for the foreseeable. Issues with suppliers, accommodation, storage & finances meant that running Bleubird successfully from the Alps wasn't going to happen. So Matty returned home to Northern Ireland, and the Bleubird we know today began operating... from his parents garden shed!


Bleubird is here because of the passion of this short ass Northern Irish kid who has so far managed to put off growing up and joining the real world. He prefers winters in snowy mountains and summers by the running tide.

 Ever since my first season in a little resort called Valloire, I realised how passionate and loyal I was to the place. The same happened when I worked in Tignes and La Rosière too. It became clear to me that people are passionate about this new place they call home for 5-6 months and so the ‘Rear Tag’ was born. I thought that enabling people to have rear tags for their chosen resort on the back ass of their tee would be really cool, and it turns out the first customers thought so too. The ‘rear tag’ is now open to any ski resort or surf break or whatever people choose to ride in the world.

 Bleubird is unique for a few reasons. The rear tags make the clothing completely bespoke to each customer. We are also very eco-conscious. Given that mother nature provides us with glorious knee deep powder to ride and beautiful glassy waves to carve up, it seems only fair that we try to be as friendly back to mother nature as possible. This is what we are trying to do through Bleubird by trying to keep the operational side of Bleubird as eco-friendly as possible. In this industry it is extremely difficult, but we are and will continue to do our bit to minimise the negative effect we have on the environment. Our ethos for this will only continue to grow stronger as we grow as a company. Everything we do is created by us for your wants and needs. Love, passion, time, energy and skill goes into every product you order. It's made by riders, for riders. By me, for you.


Bleubird is a lot more than a brand. It’s not just sick clothing for you to wear. It has its own unique style; there is a story and person behind it all, there is passion running through it, like-minded, earth-friendly passion. It isn't some big brand name with dolla signs in its eyes. It's here for you, my brothas and sistas of the mountains and the ocean. I hope you jump on-board and join us as we continue to live for the next powder fix or swell.

 Much Love,