Environmental Policy

We are extremely passionate about looking after the planet which we love so much. You may already be aware of some of our eco-friendly practices, however, we feel it is important to highlight exactly what eco & sustainable practises we are currently undertaking in order to show total clarity on who we are as a brand.

Unfortunately there are many companies and large brands at the moment who are trying to be seen as "Eco-Friendly" & "Green" in order to boost sales and help with marketing techniques to be seen as an ethical business. The truth is, they are still causing mass pollution, giving off huge carbon emissions and doing the bare minimum to protect the planet. 

 Our current Eco Practices:

  • Biodegradable Packaging - The majority of mailing bags we use to pack all our products in are biodegradable. Some of our larger mailing bags which are used for bulkier orders and account for less than 5% of our total mailing bag use are 100% recycled & recyclable. The clear bags which every product is packed in are 100% biodegradable. The bags which our marketing material comes in with every order are 100% biodegradable.
  • Water Based Printing - As of April 2020, we moved all our screen printing back to water based (which is how we started in 2017). Traditional plastisol screen printing is the most common method for brands to add their designs and logos onto products. This ink is a toxic chemical which is plastic base and in production releases various highly toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. The cleaning up process of this ink also utilises more chemicals which ultimately end up in our oceans. We have decided to print only with water-based inks as they are much more environmentally friendly and contain no toxic chemicals. Our new inks are made from 100% biodegradable pigments and as a result are much more environmentally friendly. Our Adrift 2020 Range is the first full collection to be printed in this way and we are aiming for every collection which comes after it to follow suit. There are some cases where water based inks cannot be used (on certain types of garments). If this is the case, we will make our consumers aware of this. 
  • Tees for Trees - We started planting trees for every order received in July 2019. This is quite a simple and straightforward eco practice of ours. We are partnered with 501(c)(3) non-profit organization called One Tree Planted. They enable individuals and businesses to plant trees around the planet via donations. We tally our order totals including any periods when we "double up" the tree plants and simply make a donation to our partner organisation who will then arrange for trees to be planted where we have requested. You can view more information on this campaign of ours here.
  • Waste Management - A lot of the Bleubird operations still happen in house. We run our own fulfillment base, meaning, we are in charge of packing & posting all orders. We are therefore in control of a lot of the waste we produce. Our largest items are waste are cardboard boxes which a lot of our products are shipped in from suppliers. We aim to re-use 100% of these where we can. At the moment we are reusing 90% of these and they will continue to be re-used 4/5 times over until failure. Once we can no longer re-use the boxes & for the extra 10% we we can't re-use, we simply recycle. 100% of our cardboard is recycled locally. For our other waste, we manage to recycle 80% - this mainly includes paper documents. The other 20% is miscellaneous items consisting mainly  of plastic wrapping/packaging. We use various suppliers for a lot of different items needed in the warehouse. Where possible, we use suppliers who have an active environmental policy, however unfortunately there are still some products we need which come packaging in non biodegradable/recyclable packaging which we then need to throw out as standard waste. We also receive 70% of returns from customers in plastic bags, different from our own packaging. We are currently looking at ways to reduce this and offer customers the ability to return items in our own reusable packaging instead. This should be implemented from January 2021 onwards. We are constantly reviewing the waste levels which cannot be reused or recycled and are looking at ways to increase our recycling of waste up to 100% if possible. 
  • Couriers - All our orders are sent out with Royal Mail who have an active and encouraging environmental strategy. This can be view here. We request with all our suppliers that they ship to us via DPD group. Currently 90% of our stock and supplies comes in via DPD who do have a strong environmental policy - they are Carbon Neutral and offset any carbon emissions. You can view more about this here. The other 10% comes in with Fedex, UPS and DHL, which are all actively implementing environmental policies of their own.
  • Suppliers -