Named after the badass British Slopestyle Snowboard chick Aimee Fuller. 

Check out the designs below. Colour, Size & Rear Tag options can be selected on the product page.

Size Wise

All our products originate from different manufacturers and therefore the sizing varies a little, so please make sure to check this out before you buy something, just to avoid hassle to you, and me of course! 

Adrift Collection

This whole range is designed to be loose, baggy and comfy. They would be true to size, but a little on the larger side to cater for the baggy style. The range only comes in S-XL and they are quite a loose fit. If you usually wear extra small, the small will feel a bit big, but, that looks cool and it's great for chilling on the beach in!

Matt wears a medium in most of the photos, and that is his usual size. Likewise, Holly is in the small, her usual size.


 Flores Tee (Standard Tee)

 These are slightly fitted, go a size up if you prefer them a little baggy. 

Chest Size (Inches):

Small - 34-36

Medium - 38-40

Large - 42-44

X-Large - 46-48


Medina Tee (Pocket Tee)

These are slightly fitted, go a size up if you prefer them a little baggy. 

Chest Size (Inches):

Small - 34-37

Medium - 38-41

Large - 42-45

X-Large - 46-49


Coffey Tee (Womens Standard Tee)

These are a normal fit. Holly, the blonde model wears the medium.

Dress Sizes:

Small - 10

Medium - 12

Large - 14

X-Large - 16


Thovex Tee (Longline)

Now these are generally a standard fit from the waist up, but obviously they hang lower. The chart below explains it a little better.



Venture (Premium Hood)

 These are a pretty standard fit - go for your usual size.

 Chest Size (Inches):

Small - 37 (Ladies 8-10)

Medium - 40 (Ladies 12-14)

Large - 43 (Ladies 16-18)

X-Large - 46 (Ladies 18+)


Mennie Hood

These are slightly fitted but standard sizing. The two guys wear mediums. Holly, the blonde model wears a small in all the shots, although Emily is wearing a medium as she preferred it slightly baggy.

Chest Size (Inches):

Small - 36 (Ladies 8-10)

Medium - 40 (Ladies 12-14)

Large - 44 (Ladies 16-18)

X-Large - 48 (Ladies 18+)



All the sweaters are the same size and fit which are pretty standard. The Girls 'Prior' sweaters are a little tighter and more fitted, especially in the arms. Both female models wear the medium.

Chest Size (Inches):

Small - 36 (8-10)

Medium - 40 (Ladies 12-14)

Large - 44 (Ladies 16-18)

X-Large - 48 (Ladies 18+)

 *The Rosé Sweater is a slightly looser fit than our other sweaters. If you want it tight, size down.

Traversette Jackets

These are all standard sizes. The girls are wearing smalls, Matt is wearing a medium.

Small - 38 (Ladies 8-10)

Medium - 40 (Ladies 12-14)

Large - 42 (Ladies 16-18)

X-Large - 44 (Ladies 18+)


Camo Half-Zip

Standard unisex sizes apply here. We recommend sizing up one or two, as this are built for ultimate steez.


 We can get XS and double XL sizes in if needed. Contact us if you would like this. If you have any questions about sizes etc just send over a message below. We know it can be difficult shopping online, especially if you're planning on a rear tag too, as these are non-refundable. Any questions you have at all, someone will get back to you as soon as possible.